Federal & Provincial Government Sector

smsapp fully supports the vision of Green & Digital Pakistan. The Digital Messaging Platform is an effective tool for the Public Sector Offices to reach public not just in Pakistan but around the Globe.

  • Create awareness, Inform with valuable notifications, generate alerts.
  • Acknowledge & Confirm through the easiest & economical digital platform.
  • Bring efficiency through custom designed Business BOTS.

Academic Sector

After covid years, Academic sector has evolved by becoming a knowledge platform capable to educate their students anytime & anywhere. This has resulted in generation of lots of information with the need to reach the students in no time. Increased efficiency with lowest available cost in today’s market, makes smsapp an integral platform for today’s Academics.

  • Update, Inform & Remind students.
  • Easy API integration with LMS & Student record management.
  • Staying actively connected with Alumni & supporting the Academic Institute to have required talent for effectively launching Incubation centers.

Real Estate

Inhabitants, Customers, Investors, Builders, Developers, thus anyone who is in direct or indirect relations with your Real Estate Business, is interested to learn everything that you are offering, designing, building or planning for their better living standards. smsapp makes it easy & economical for you to promote your updated & new exciting projects.

  • Lessen down the distance between you and your consumer through Public Announcements or Personal Messages.
  • New project exciting information or Installment reminder, is now easy and quick.
  • Equally stay connected with domestic & international customers.

Healthcare Sector

Make the journey for the public easy & interactive with provided healthcare facilities. Basic FAQs, Appointment system, Fee alerts, Report alerts, smsapp acts as a window to your healthcare business, ensuring to make public reach your facilities in shortest period of time.

  • Automated Doctor services appointment system.
  • Easy API integration with Patient Record Management System.
  • Generate healthcare public service messages.
  • Inform public with updated healthcare services.