Digital, Smart & Intelligent way to reach your customers anywhere, anytime. Send Notifications, Generate Alerts, Promote your Brand, Market your services.

Increase sales, coverage & value of your Business Message.
Pakistan's first & indigenous
Digital Business Communication
Platform & Business BOT

Fetch required information, take inputs and serve your customers.
Now its easy & instant to get engage with your customers through
Two-Way Digital Messaging, your Business with your customer.
Engage your Customer with
Two-Way Digital Messaging

Ease to your Consumer, Value to your Business. Improve Customer
Experiences with custom built Business BOT. The foundation of your
Roadmap to a sustainable Digital Transformation.
Business BOT
Super Charged
Customer Experience


Digital, Smart & Intelligent

Communication channel for all your ideas

Digital Bulk Messages, it’s easy now

It’s instant, simple & easy now to reach your customer, anywhere & anytime.

Simplify API Integration

Quickly and easily connect to your Business platforms with a reliable and easy-to-use API.

Two-ways communication, it’s simple now

Have a dialogue with your customer over two-ways digital communication and improve customer journey.

Your own identity

We made it simple and easy to connect your business with your unique branded digital ID.

Business Analytics

Instantly view your statistics, delivery reports, and analytics. Know how each campaign performs for you with real time & insightful metrics.

Secure Communication

Industry-standard 256-bit encryption protects messages sent between your business & customers and maintains the privacy of sensitive communications. Secure Authentication & Authorization using SSL Encryption, hosted on PCI DSS Complaint Infrastructure.

Flexible in Pricing

The most economical rate per message with no security deposits, no expiries & simple Pay-As-You-Go model.

Your own Business BOT

Speed up customer resolutions & improve customer experience, with our custom designed Business BOT.

Any Content

Increase the effectiveness of your Business Messages to your consumers with strong digital multimedia content.

smsapp Customer Care


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smsapp: For the greater efficiency of your Business

A revolutionary Business Communication Platform, specially designed & developed to digitalize your business messaging & communication on a large scale with your customers, anywhere & anytime.

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Business Messaging is now

Digital | Smart | Intelligent


  • Intelligent, fine-tuned Digital Messaging technology
  • Robust and scalable infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy
  • Easy to use – Hessle Free – Wider in coverage
  • Economical in cost & with Quantifiable Business value
Enterprise grade application

Fanatic customer support

Clear & honest pricing

True pay-as-you-go model



smsapp C O N N E C T

Digital CMT for your Business

Digital CMT is Pakistan’s first campaign management Platform with the brand name “C O N N E C T”.
smsapp C O N N E C T is a user friendly Digital Messaging portal developed & designed keeping in view the very basic requirements of today’s Businesses.
User friendly dashboard with each key component made reachable & easy to work with. Meet your Business objectives; from inception of the ideas to the perfect execution with real world results.

Hey’ its important for “YOU”

A W A R N E S S  |  P R O M O T I O N  |  I N F O R M A T I O N

There are Millions of consumers outside in the market for whom your  business messages mean a lot. It could be a valuable information, an important updates, an actionable reminders, an effective engagements and most important, its a channel to develop loyalty & connection with your products & services.

Dialog with your Important Customers

Using two-way digital Business Messaging service is a proven and efficient way of reaching your target market/audience in terms of the capability of communicating to clients or potential customers in bulk.
Most customers largely prefer to use text messaging as their mode of communication with a business. The added convenience of receiving replies directly from the recipients, increases the possibility of quick sales, repeat business or conversion.

Business BOT

Its a new way to “CONNECT” your Business

“Chatbots are on the rise, thanks to increasing demand from consumers to have a 24/7 digital experience, soon becoming standard for customer service.”

(Source: Business Insider Feb’21)

Smart & intelligent n’ digital way to engage with your customers. With required customizations & integrations smsapp Business BOT becomes your 24×7
  • Chat based Call & Contact Center
  •  Complaint Management System
  •  Customer Relationship Management
  •  Appointment Management System etc.

Pakistan’s 1st Digital B2C Direct Messaging Platform that supports

Digital Content Business Messaging

Digital Text Messages  |  Digital Images  |  Short Video Messages  |  Business Voice Notes

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The most impactful way to communicate with your customer
Add value to your Business Message by making it
  • More Interactive
  • More Effective
  • More Valuable

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